According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items across the Serious Eats family of sites this week were ...


1. My Week Without Corn, Part II: The No Corn-Fed Animal Products Edition
“I’ve basically become a corn-averse vegan."

2. Rubik's Cube Sandwich
"Dammit! That means I have to solve it before I eat! DO NOT WANT. Too much work." samplelife

3. Eat for Eight Bucks: Japanese Fried Chicken and Two Simple Salads
"I love fried chicken in all its forms but tori no kara-age, Japan’s barely-breaded answer to popcorn chicken, holds a special place in my heart."

4. I Need a Happy, Healthly Food Project
"I have had a spectacularly horrible month. Let's just say that getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist was the high point, because for an hour someone was fussing over me, and no one was in risk of dying as a result. I have a few more loose ends to tie up this week, and then I'm declaring an end to the stress and sadness and I'm declaring that Saturday August 1 is the start of a new year for me. I need something to look forward to this weekend, so I can leap out of bed with something fun and interesting planned...."

5. Panda Cake
"Basically, it requires strategic folding of various colored doughs (green tea, cocoa) to form the ULTIMATE panda in baked form."

6. Grilling: Beer-Marinated Chicken Tacos
"I've covered beef and pork tacos before, so the next logical step in my taco journey was chicken. I've always had my eye on this one particular recipe for beer-marinated chicken tacos, partly because chicken marinated in Negra Modelo sounded delicious, but mostly as an excuse to make a large batch of guacamole. The combination ended up being fantastic."

7. Omitting Soda Pop
"...My reason for quitting didn't include any of these. I just became disgusted with the thought of the mixture of ingredients overall, and the lack of sweetener studies. Could you quit the stuff? Do you have Soda limitations/exceptions?"

8. French in a Flash: Eggplant Tian
"But as I learned at Le Cordon Bleu, you can’t make a great recipe from bad ingredients."

9. Do You Have a Recipe You Won't Share?
"My grandmother would not share her recipes. Once the aunts decided to try to trick her and over a period of months each one would ask about one ingredient. Aunt Ebbie would say " Mama, how much baking powder do you put in your biscuits?" No one ever was able to reproduce her biscuits. Do you have a recipe that you absolutely will not share?"

10. Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace in Columbus, Ohio
"...The hot dogs look just as incredible. They've got the classics—the Chicago dog, chili dog with 'Coney Sauce,' and a slaw dog (whose slaw is spiked with Sriracha). Also on the menu are original creations like the Nikola, covered in tzatziki sauce and green relish; the Ohiana, topped with jalapeño corn relish and celery salt; and the decadent Whoa Nellie, jammed with pulled brisket and barbecue sauce. Then there's the Korean-style Seoul Dog topped with kimchi and a Bollywood Dog blanketed with spicy mango chutney...."

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