Note: On Mondays, one of our various Market Scene correspondents checks in with what's fresh at farmstands, what's coming up, and what you better get while the gettin's good. This week, our Boston correspondent Penny Cherubino of BostonZest checks in.


Photographs by Penny Cherubino

Bostonians who live downtown, have more than 25 farmers' markets within easy walking or public transit distance. The City Hall Farmers' Market is one of the most convenient. It's located on the plaza outside Boston City Hall at the Government Center subway station. It's also close to many places that bring people into the heart of the city.

Peaches were on my shopping list with a whole new use in mind. Neelam Batra, author of 1000 Indian Recipes was a guest on KCRW's Good Food and gave a recipe for Farmers' Market Chicken with Fresh Peaches. She said that in curries you can "use peaches as you would tomatoes."


Rose 23 Bread is a must-stop for me. They make excellent baguettes, wonderful scones, and tempting cookies and tarts. Their sandwiches and salads make this stand perfect for workers from nearby offices who shop the market on their lunch hour.

Tomatoes were next on my list. With concern about the impact of late blight in the Northeast, I asked Kate Stillman of Stillman's Farm about the beautiful tomatoes on her stand. She said: "Late blight is always an issue, it shows up every year. It's just the fact that it's shown up so early this year. It's caused us to be extra vigilant." But, she continued, "We're having a great tomato year. It's late but good."


Other crops that are doing well for Stillman are beans, corn, cucumbers, and squash. This time of year I buy lots of Stillman's shell beans and add them to tabouli and other salads.

Every market visit this month has meant sweet corn for supper. Freitas Farm won me over with a perfect specimen of sugar and butter corn displayed on top of a mountain of fresh cut ears.


As you can see from this photo from last November, the City Hall Farmers' Market has a longer season than most. It's on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and runs until November 25. You'll find it along the Cambridge Street side of the plaza.

In Season

Summer Squash
Sweet corn
Ground Cherries
Heritage Tomatoes
Field Tomatoes

Coming Soon

Mid-season apples
Winter Squash

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