I went to SquareBurger in Philadelphia's Franklin Square for burgers, but ended up liking their Cake Shake ($4.75) more than the burger. The milkshake is made of vanilla ice cream blended with TastyKake Butterscotch Krimpets, sponge cakes covered with butterscotch icing. Never having ingested a blended dairy-and-pastry beverage before, my initial thoughts were, "That might be great, or totally gross." I figured it wouldn't be on the menu if it were gross.

My taste buds deemed it "opposite of gross," as long as I didn't think too hard that I was feeding cake bits suspended in semi-liquified ice cream straight down my throat. Although I wouldn't say the shake required the provided fat bubble tea straw—there weren't tapioca ball-sized cake chunks in it—the straw's wide circumference made it much easier to down the thick drink. You could discern the cake bits from the ice cream, but you didn't have to chew them, sort of like fruit bits in a smoothie. Mm, cake smoothie.

Now that I have been exposed to the liquefied dairy-and-pastry combo, I want more.


200 N 6th St, Philadelphia PA 19106 (map)


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