This Week in Eating Out


Franks and Slushies: There's a hot dog for every flavor, cuisine, or mood you might be in the mood for at Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace in Columbus, Ohio. And who can resist a habanero-lime slushie?

Third Time's the Charm: Adam Kuban heads to Veloce Pizzeria, where the Margherita was named Frank Bruni's No. 2 pizza in NYC, and finds the pies there are best eaten immediately. I have no problem with that.

Fast-Food Chain Doesn't Crush Childhood Dreams: Chichi Wang rediscovers Potbelly Sandwich Works and finds "very tasty sandwiches for an extremely reasonable price."

Family-Friendly Burgers: Head over to Dish in Flintridge, California, for a burger that makes Damon Gambuto "proud to be an American."

Addictive Sandwich: Skip the Cuban, at Chicago's Cafe Marianao, and go straight for the steak sandwich and a cafe con leche in the newest installment of Standing Room Only.