Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

There's so much going on in Talk week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

By the Bathroom or By the Kitchen


It could be worse. You could be eating at Taiwan's Modern Toilet Restaurant.

"The bathroom and the server's station I do mind sitting there, I don't want to hear server's talking about how hungover they are yadda yadda and I don't want to hear the crapper flush along with all the other noises that come from that room. The kitchen I don't mind sitting by, I like to see the cooks do their thing plus sometimes if they are in a good mood they give you samples of something." pjracz10

Confession: I'm a Back Seat Eater. It Has to Stop!

Look Who's Talkin'"Whenever I said dinner was ready, my brother in law would suddenly hit the shower. Then everyone was stuck waiting at the table for him to get out. So I started telling him when to shower! I guess that counts as back seat eating." blankplate

Rubik's Cube Sandwich

"Finally, a Rubix that I could actually solve. Pick up. Put in Mouth. Done!" juliebugsmama

Wedding Gift Ideas: Foodie Up to 100 Bucks

"I'm 21 and a total food geek. I'll second the good knives and add a nice BIG cutting board, baking pans/trays, mixing bowls, small utensils - whisk, spatulas, tongs, wooden spoons, etc." thinkingincrayons

What Are You? Recipe Follower or Recipe Deviant?

"Generally follow for baking - the first time, at least. Otherwise, a deviant. I once had a very funny and fairly accurate set of descriptions of how people did or didn't follow recipes depending on their Myers Briggs Personality Types. I'll look for it." lemonfair

[Lemonfair: Did you ever find it? Care to share? —AK]

Do I Have a Cheese Problem?


Diagnosis: As long as you don't look like this, you don't have a cheese problem.

"The only cheese problem I have is eating all of the stuff I buy. I circle the cheese case at my market a couple of times when I'm in there (daily)......just because." milesdga

I Need a Happy, Healthly Food Project

"I too just want to add my condolences into the mix, losing a pet is disgustingly hard. If I was anywhere near you I'd offer to come help clean, I'm a rock star at it. If I were you I too would lean towards baking or canning, but preserving summer bounty is high on my list now, especially since we had a crap start to the summer. Best wishes!" tatianak

[Thanks for following up and letting us know how you were doing, dbcurrie. I'm sorry to hear about your dog, too, but glad your husband's checkup was good news. AK]

Would You Bring Your Dog to a Restaurant?

"My dog is a healthy dog and I absolutely love him. I love to bring him everywhere, he even has his own car seat. Yet, not in a million years, would I even think to bring him to a restaurant. Let's face it, dogs think the world is their toilet." lexophile

Do You Have a Recipe You Won't Share?


Fort Knox. Life, on Google

"My great-grandmother had a poundcake recipe that she carefully guarded throughout her life. She left it to one of her daughters in her will, with instructions to not share it. But, alas, Great-grandma was not well-liked (unlike the pound cake), so the recipe was immediately shared. Smart move, as the daughter who inherited it died a few years back." beth1

Food for Thought: Have You or Would You Eat Brains and Eggs?

"Oh, yeah, been eating them since I was a tot. In Egypt, my parents used to eat fried brain sandwiches as the local fast food. Not gonna lie though, the first time I had them, I was misinformed about what they were, cleaned my plate, and then was told....still pretty good once you get over the texture." veggieout

Making Peace Over Beer: What Should President Obama Serve?

"To set the record straight, they are drinking Red, Light and Blue. Professor Gates is having a Red Stripe, POTUS is having a Bud LIght (gotta show you're a man of the people, even though all the A-B brands are now owned by a Brazilian/Belgian conglomerate) and the cop is having a Blue Moon (which is a Wit, a style I dearly love especially during these hot days of summer. A wheat Ale spiced with orange peel and coriander, YUMTastic! But BM is a poor example of the style. Seek out examples from Ommegang, Avery, Unibroue and Allagash for well made North American Wits) this is an example of the media beating a well dead horse...." beersnob

What Do You Make With Your Cast Iron?

"Anything that requires time on the stove and then in the oven. This baked sea bass is a favorite at home: http://rasamalaysia.com/recipe-baked-sea-bass/. Also frittatas and sometimes when I make English muffins, I might finish off in the oven if I scooped them too thick." highoverhappy

Macarons Should Be the New Cupcakes


"They sort of are, except most amateur bakers can't make them! They require far more skill and 'sense' of baking than do cupcakes...so basically they'll never be the new cupcake. But actually, most cupcakes out there these days are bad (hello diabetes-inducing crusty American buttercream frosting + dry cake), so I suppose GOOD cupcakes may be the new cupcake." charm city cupcake