Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

There's so much going on in Talk week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

Romantical Food Memories...


"I once made my boyfriend 3 grilled cheese sandwiches in a single evening. ;)" gastronomeg

The Quickest Snack from Home Instead of Junk Food?

Look Who's Talkin'"Seriously, there is nothing like a crisp apple. Or a bunch of grapes. Right now, it's strawberries. If you have a fridge, I like some cheese & fruit (white cheddar & apple, brie & dried cranberries, pepper jack & pineapple). I keep a box of Triscuits & some peanut butter at work for just in case. I love the combo of apple with Triscuit and pb." wookie

Eating Out at Lunch — Great ... and Cheap!

"I don't do this anymore, but in college I was a big bulk-aisle grazer. And that makes me think ... has there ever been a discussion on dumpster-diving around here? (Gotta search that...) That's another thing I used to do. Ain't nothing more cheap than free!" sailordave

What Is Appealing About Beer?

A song for the ages, by Tom T. Hall.

"There's a lot to appreciate about beer. Yes, it's bitter, but there are other flavors as well, and a lot of great beers are about the balance of flavors, not just the dominance of bitterness.

"I think that beer fans do a disservice by saying to people that beer is an acquired taste as if you have to choke down beer at first, or work your way up from "starter" beers like training wheels." shoneyjoe

Mac and Cheese?

"This is my go-to recipe. The only change I make is Butterkase (when I can get it) instead of Muenster...." grampart

[I so want to try this recipe. Thanks for posting it!AK]

Serious Help: Convincing Someone to Change Their Eating Habits

"I applaud you for saying something, but once you've done that, there's nothing else you can do. Unless the problem is insane and you could get on some talk show with him." sorahatch

Tofu (For Carnivores...)?

"Yes, drain the tofu! Are you pressing the tofu? I sometimes press it overnight when I want a really firm texture. Have you tried tempeh or seitan? Seitan in particular seems very meat-like." KarynMC

Going to Mad Men Party and Need to Bring Food


"...Okay, so I'm probably the only person on this site who was alive in the 60s, so listen to the voice of experience:

"Rule Number One: Garnish everything with canned pimientos.
Rule Number Two: Put a couple of eggshells into the percolator basket when brewing coffee.
Rule Number Three: Don't be afraid to put vegetables in your Jello.
Rule Number Four: If you don't have Tupperware, wrap everything with waxed paper...." betteirene

"101 Salads for the Season"

"I think there was a little bit of a stretch to reach 101...perhaps finding the 25 best would have been advisable." savecara

Don't Get Between Me and My Häagen-Dazs

"My friend saw me in line at Kroger with a box of Tampons, a huge bottle of Advil, and three pints of Ben & Jerry's. She just nodded at me and smiled sympathetically. I probably could have just put the Advil back, because sometimes the only cure is ice cream." juliebugsmama

Can You Tell Personality By Buffet Plate?


"Dear God I hope not. Of course my buffet plates look like my desk at work. Piles everywhere but I know where everything is. So maybe you can." joeqboo

Expresso vs Espresso: A Pro-Expresso Rant

"Seriously, it isn't that big a deal. When one language borrows a word from another language, there is bound to be phonological change since two no two languages have the same phonology. If you REALLY wanted to be true to the word, the second and third s's form a geminate, and it should be pronounced es pres so not es pre so. While you're at it, penne should be pronounced pen ne not pe ne. Without the double n you are saying a dirty word. And I'm pretty sure it's NOT what you want for supper!" blankplate

Waffles or Pancakes?


I think we know where Robyn stands on the issue.

"D. All of the above. If I had to choose...if the pancakes were my mom's, it would be that, without question. They're so good, I don't even put syrup on them. I live in a different state from her and have regular cravings for them, but don't even attempt them because I know mine are not even close. Anyway, if not hers...it'd probably be this cream-cheese stuffed French toast from one of my favorite cafes/bakeries. It is insanely good, and I refuse to think about how many calories are in it." kimberlymac

And Congrats Are in Order To ...

Therealchiffonade, who had a recipe published in Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine!

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