Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

There's so much going on in Talk week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

Tiny Kitchen Frustration: Ideas?


Look Who's Talkin'"...I'd say it's more like riding a unicycle than a bike with a flat tire ... takes precision and stamina, with a side of moxie. But yes, I'd do many things for more counter space, so again, I know your frustration...." smallkitchen

The Honor System: Do Self-Service Farmstands Still Exist?

"They are all over South Jersey on the way through Cumberland and Cape May Counties. Around here in southeastern PA (near Philly) you will see lots of kids manning their own stands as well as honor boxes. There's an elderly fellow down the street that puts out his extra tomatoes and I am stalking his house daily now that it is close to tomatoes ripening." janaatwg

How Many Times a Day Do You Eat?

"I can better answer 'How many times a day are you not eating?'" aungeinphx

Cooking Your Own Food = Rare?

"My 30-something next-door neighbor was telling me about a family gathering she went to at which her aunt served mashed potatoes made the old-fashioned way. I thought she was talking about a piece of equipment such as a food mill or a ricer. She gave me the 'Huh?' look and replied, 'No, the one where you peel the potatoes yourself.'" betteirene

Homemade Ice Cream Cones?


As far as I can tell, David Lebovitz's site does not have a recipe for homemade ice cream cones. But as our friend Anita points out, you can find that information on pages 228 and 229 of his book The Perfect Scoop. It's a great book—totally worth buying, especially in summer!

"I bet David Lebovitz's site has something on making your own. To reference your initial statement tho... What about a BACON ice cream cone!? Evil genius or just evil? lol... " gastronomeg

Why Are So Many People Wheat (Gluten) Sensitive?

"1. An unheard-of disease is now well-known

"2. Self-diagnosis via the Internet

"3. People avoiding carbohydrates and using a gluten intolerance as a convenient excuse

"4. A vague sense that all gluten-containing foods are bad, since some people have allergies, and a feeling that no gluten=health (even though I find manufactured, gluten free foods to be very hard to digest, the few times I have tried them).

"5. An over-reliance on foods with gluten in processed foods that have made somewhat sensitive people more sensitive via digestive overload." HeartofGlass

CO2 Cartridge for Seltzer Dispenser

"@climbhighak: Shit, you're right. I guess all those whippits made me stupid...." sailordave

Eating Alone (In Restaurants)


"Having spent many military years on the road, I don't mind eating by myself. The operative factor is that I want supper." milesdga

Your Favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwich

"Well on my planet a grilled cheese sandwich is a cheese sandwich and not a meat with cheese sandwich. So we don't put a protein on it and consider it a 'grilled cheese' no matter how tasty the end result is. We also use a paninni press for maximum toasty effect. My two faves are:

"1) Some kind of Swiss, Gruyere is good, on potato bread, with thinly sliced lime juice picked red onions. It's like a 'French Onion Soup' sandwich.

"2) Brie, honey and strawberries on pressed croissant. My wife came up with this and while it sounds odd is just amazing." Bunnyman

Food Quiz

"100% Yay! I should have BF take it. He already complains that he now knows entirely more than he thinks he ought about food because of me. Heh." Amandarama

The Bottom of the Bag: Stale Junk/Snack Foods Remnant Uses?

"@AyeEat: Ditto on migas. Half the reason I buy corn chips and salsa is the thought of migas - maybe my favorite egg dish of all. It kills two birds with one stone the day after a party, too - the perfect hangover breakfast, and you use up the stale chip remnants!" producestories

Squash and Zucchini Blossoms: When Should I Pick?


"I grow zucchini/squash mainly for flowers too. They are 50c/pc at store/farmers market (often wilted) and hard to come by. I pick male flowers (don't have any fruit at the bottom) during the AM hours. The earlier the better. In the afternoon, it start closing. You can still stuff them, but not as easy. The size of the flowers don't matter. Pick out the stamen and any bugs (ants love them!) and rinse gently with water. The best way to keep them fresh longer is to wrap it loosely with moist paper paper towel, and keep them in ziploc bag. You should eat them asap, but this keep them for about a week so that you can collect enough flowers." Kitchen Wizard

Learning to Make Good Coffee, Suggestions?

"The equipment is important, though I think practice and proper technique trumps having a super expensive machine. I'd suggest getting lower end model (Rancilio silvia is great) and a good burr grinder (rancilio rocky or mazzer mini) and start playing around and pulling shots. Or you can find a part time job as a barista somewhere and hone your skills that way." misterhee