Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

There's so much going on in Talk week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

Given the Chance to Be Cooked for By Any Chef in the World

Look Who's Talkin'"...Since I am sure he's no longer with us, I'll take Onepercent99. This person is bold enough to pick themself, so that says enough for me. All I ask, is no fru-fru crap or off the wall ingredients. I want real food for real people. Oh, and nothing with mayo!" Raiders757

What to Eat First Time in Paris

"You will probably be ignored or mocked if you hand a Parisian waiter a list of the food issues you have—the French just don't think that way. What I would do is look up how to say all the food items that you want to avoid, and then when you see them on the menu, don't order them. A few words of practical advice ... Parisians typically do not drink or eat as they walk — this is very unusual — coffee is generally not served 'to-go' or 'a emporter' ... Drink your coffee at the bar or at a table and take your time to soak up the ambiance...." laurelie

How Much Would You Pay for a Pot Pie?

"Agreed, Huney... Why are you asking, pooch?? You planning to make me one and ship it? I'll pay...LOL" arm1970

Cookout Etiquette

"If you are in college, then I am assuming your friends are too. I would be very surprised if they had the money (and storage space!) for all the accoutrements needed for an outdoor BBQ. It seems to me the point is to get together and have fun in spite of not having very much to show. I remember a BBQ in college when it was all my boyfriend and I could manage to bring hot dogs for our grill! Our friends shared their steaks and we all danced to each other's music. It was friendship that made it happen. Not everything in life has rules." smallblondemom

Eating with Dieters

"If you cannot eat what you want when you want you need to not eat with them. OR eat everything you want in front of them and go mmmm oooooh yeaaaa oh its soooo goood oh god. LOL" JerzeeTomato

Japan Premium Beef

"@Squeeze: That is a great question, from what I understand, the Japanese feeding program that they follow with American raised Wagyu ... is more about what is fed to the cattle and the length of time they are fed, than massages and beer—which I am not sure really happens on a large scale anymore. Unlike most cattle, it is preferred that they are feed slowly over a long period of time with a more varied diet than traditional feed versus traditional fattening of cattle at a feedlot for a short period before slaughter...." GrimChef

Money Saving Tips On Food

"Shredded cheese is just one example of where you're paying extra for convenience. You pay a lot to have the convenience having things cut, shredded, sliced and bagged.

"If your family eats a lot of bread and baked goods, you can save a ton of money by making your own. The price of flour went up a bit, but it's still nothing compared to buying bread or cakes at the store. As for cake mixes, yeah they seem like a bargain when they're a dollar, but you still have to add eggs, butter and liquid. All you're getting in the box is flour, sugar, leavening and flavor. And a bunch of preservatives. But you're not getting a dollar's worth of sugar and flour in there.

"Another tip is to find a way to use every last bit of the more expensive ingredients—like meats. Use the carcass to make a stock and then make soup or use it to flavor rice or noodle dishes.

"Make friends with some farmers if there's a farmer's market nearby. There's always some produce that's a little bruised or ugly that they aren't going to be able to sell. Offer to buy it at a discount and then use it right way." dbcurrie

Napa Cabbage Ideas?

"Brasied in butter and riesling, served under pan roasted salmon fillet." simon

What to Do with Leftover Ears of Corn?

"You guys got it covered: Corn salad, corn and black bean salsa, cornbread, corn chowder, corn relish, succotash, zucchini-corn-tomato casserole, corn fritters, poblano peppers stuffed with corn and cheese, chicken and corn enchiladas, corn custard, Indian pudding, relishes, etc. Tip: When making corn chowder, cut the kernels off the cob. Then simmer the trimmed cobs in water for 15-20 minutes or longer to give the stock a super-full flavored corn flavor." CJ McD

'I Love Angel Hair But Hate Spaghetti!' WTF?!

"I think these preferences are pretty common--I know people who will eat cooked onions but not raw and I like my cilantro well-chopped (but not in gross whole leaves). Penne is not my favorite shape of pasta (but I'll eat it) and I can see why people won't touch and will have a preference for the angel hair (more surface area for sauce to cling to?). The food preferences of toddlers are TRULY bizarre, though: my 2.5 yr old will only eat cherry tomatoes he picks from our garden (hello, choking hazard!), but will not eat store-bought tomatoes of any kind. He'll also eat cooked tomato sauces on pasta but only if it it smooth and does not have chunks of tomato in it." Marshmallow

Key Lime Pie, Part Deux: The Transport Issue

"If you look at discount stores in your area, like Dollar General's or even Dollar Tree stores, they usually have pseudo Tupperware pie and cake carriers super cheap, 2$ or less, I usually buy a few of those when I find them, they aren't quite as sturdy as Tware but they can be left behind without worrying about the cost." huneybumper