Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

There's so much going on in Talk week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

Ack! 4th of July Is Saturday!

Look Who's Talkin'"When I do chicken for a crowd, I BBQ thighs on the bone. They are very moist and VERY forgiving as far as window of service goes. I also think they taste better. We're having a Crawdad boil with all the fixin's. We live in the middle of Oregon wine country and this is year three for the Crawfish Feed. Today on Tuesday we are in the false sense of control, Wednesday/Thursday will bring panic, followed by denial on Friday. Looking at anywhere from 60 to 100 people." NWcajun

When It's Hot...

"100-cheers for ICE COLD beer! There's really nothing I crave MORE when it's hot out." hungrychristel

Vegetarian/Non-Dairy Appetizers

"Racking my brain, here's what I've come up with: Spring rolls or rice wraps — you can fill them with just about anything — my favorite Thai place around here does rice noodles, carrots, shrimp (can be replaced with tofu or left out) and mint. Flatbreads — there are some ideas on this thread. Also, bean salads, marinated veggies, baba ghanoush... hope this helps!" thinkingincrayons

How Should Burgers Be Cooked?

"...The sad truth is that unless you're grinding your own meat, it's not advisable to cook a burger rare or medium rare. Insert an instant read thermometer in the side of the burger till you reach the center of the patty and when it reads 160, it's done." therealchiffonade

Customers Who Linger After Hours

"I'm a cook in an open kitchen of a corporate restaurant with a policy against being 'unwelcoming' to customers near close. If they walk in at 5 to close and want 3 courses plus dessert, we have to stay and pretend we're thrilled they've come. You can bet we're all talking about the interesting ways we could kill them and chop them into the cobb salad." unarata Chefs &

The Double Double, a National Canuck Treasure Rejected?

"God Bless Tim Horton's! I love it! I don't require coffee beans that were pulled from a pile of civet excrement to satisfy my palate. I DO require Caffeine. Starbucks, IMHO... is MERDE! I am fine with DD or Tim Horton's (although Tim Horton's does have better mugs!). That being said, I also love hockey (GO HABS!). I should probably preclude myself from further discussion however, as I am of Canadien descent." Pavlov

Diary of a Foodie: PBS

"I like that show. One of the things I like about it is that instead of sending a talking head from the US to some other location to 'discover' the culture and experience it for the first time, they have someone familiar with the area explaining it to us. They might be going to a specific place for the first time (particularly if it's someone's home) but they're familiar enough with the general idea that it doesn't seem like they're barging in. It's not like they're saying 'oooh, here's some really weird food that I've never eaten before,' it's more like, 'this is the food that we eat, and this is how its done and why.'" dbcurrie ...

Tipping Out the Kitchen?

"Tipping out the kitchen has never been a policy in any of the fine dining establishments I (or anyone I've known) have been involved with. However, when I was in college and worked in a casual dining place we started tipping out the kitchen, but that more or less insured that we could hook up our friends. Definitely good for camaraderie, but not so good for the restaurant.

"As I grew up in the business, I find that buying my kitchen staff a beer or two after work (or providing a six pack when they're done breaking down the line) is more appropriate and more enjoyable than handing them a couple of bucks at the end of the night." wookie

Why We Are Losing the Battle of the Bulge

"50+ posts later the joyyy v. grumpy irony is setting in on me. hahaha." joyyy

Need to Use Fresh Mozzarella

"This is kind of crazy, but I was riding in my car a couple of days ago listening to a program on (duh)—food and immigrant culture in NYC, and a Mexican woman who was a recent immigrant to the U.S. said she had been having fun trying different traditional dishes with Italian cheese, instead of the cheeses she normally used back home. Riffing off of that, you could try it on nachos, enchiladas, and chili." HeartofGlass

How Many of You Like S.O.S and Why Is It So Despised by Others?

"Ha, Ha, Ha — When I saw the title I thought you were talking about the scrub pads for dishes. I was confused as to why people despised them. Seemed like such an odd thing to have such strong feelings about. LOL, good thing I read the entire post :)" Martini Me

'Dinner' vs 'Supper'

"I call my evening meal 'high tea' and carbonated drinks 'the black waters of imperialism.'" cybercita

Tomato Thief!

"Same thing happened to my sister, last summer. She waited and waited for just the perfect time to pick this big, fat, red tomato and who do you think got it? The deer—she saw him taking a big fat bite and leaving the rest! Talk about pissed." duncan1205