Note: I just received this email from one of the most serious eaters I know, Steve Trost. Steve was in Toronto and had some serious dim sum. Tell us, Torontonians, did Steve find a winner? He certainly had me salivating. Did he miss anything? EL


In Toronto—see below. At Lai Wah Heen. No carts. All made fresh to order. Add to the list below (after the jump) an amazing sticky rice dumpling with crab meat and equally awesome steamed lobster dumpling stuffed with shrimp and finely diced veg with garlic and butter.

There is nothing close in NYC in my eating experience. They also have a gourmet dim sum tasting but only for two at $45 per head, but I managed to get most of them save the Peking duck dumpling. Run, don't walk across the border!


A la carte, made fresh to order:

  • Steamed dumpling of smoked sturgeon
  • Wagyu beef dumpling in chili oil
  • Steamed black pepper calamari
  • Steamed crystal purse of shredded dumpling
  • Steamed spareribs in black bean and chili
  • Steamed crystal purse of shredded duck
  • Steamed dumpling of minced chicken and scallion

Did not have the "summered chicken feet in concerted pork soup."

Lai Wah Heen

Metropolitan Hotel Toronto, 108 Chestnut Street, Toronto ON M5G 1R3 (map)


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