Mike is a penguin. A mostly sad penguin. He spends his days getting beat up in boxing matches, crying over his lost love, and staring out the window as dead leaves fall to the ground. And you know what they say: When you're a penguin suffering from a bout of depression, just kick back with a frosty can of Suntory Beer!

I can't watch these commercials without laughing, even though it seems wrong to laugh at the increasingly doomful plight of a cute, animated penguin. These commercials featuring Suntory's rotund mascot were so popular that they led to a full-length movie called Penguin Memories. What memories, you ask? Oh... the ones about the Vietnam War. Yes, it's a war movie with adorable penguins. Apparently it's hard to track down, but it's now number one on my "To Watch" list.

Watch the video after the jump.

Japanese Animated Suntory Beer Commercials Featuring Penguins (1980s)


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