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Michael Groover can probably be summed up in three important facts: he's a tugboat pilot in Savannah, he looks like Santa, and he's married to Paula Deen. The last one means he, naturally, has a lot to say about waking up to the smell of ham hocks in the deep fryer with his spouse joyfully cackling in the background. Seriously, it must be a trip being married to Paula Deen.

In this long interview with the couple on AOL Food, we find out that while Paula is busy launching a line of nuts and seafood, her husband is authoring a book called, My Delicious Life with Paula Deen. Sadly there's no cover image on Amazon yet, and somehow he didn't call it I Can't Believe She Uses That Much Butter. Groover seems to be a man of few words next to his wife, but eventually he talks about his marriage:

When we first met, I didn't get out of Georgia much, I didn't do a lot of traveling and it tells a lot of the trips we made and how this has broadened my horizons quite a bit by meeting Paula and meeting all of her friends. You know I've changed a great deal since I've met Paula so it's going to be a great book.

Somebody asked me one day, "what do you do for a living?" And I explained to him that I was like the valet parking for ships. And they were like what a great job you have. I have a great life. When I get off, I go home and my wife's Paula Deen.

Afterward, Paula asked for a smooch. Aww, true love. The book comes out in November.

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