Green peas remind me of the steamy Georgia weather and lazy days filled with ice cold lemonade and pretty pink sundresses. Starting in May, just as we shed our own winter coats, it is time for the peas to jump out of the pod and be gobbled up by pea fans nationwide.

These emerald gems have been around for a long time--in fact, the Chinese believed that their emperor Shu Nung, discovered peas 5,000 years ago. Legend has it that he wandered around the countryside observing and collecting plants, looking for those which might be suitable for food or medicine--one of which was green peas. Later in 17th century Europe, green peas were a delicacy and seen as very fashionable to be eaten fresh. Today, with green peas' popularity flourishing they are enjoyed in countless dishes and varieties.

Green peas are bursting with nutrients and provide very good amounts of eight different vitamins, seven different minerals, as well as dietary fiber and protein. Only 5 percent of green peas are eaten fresh, while the remainder of the annual harvest is frozen and canned to be enjoyed during the off season. [Recipes and tips, after the jump.]

When selecting your pods, look for firm, vibrantly green peas in your local markets and grocery stores. We have compiled some of our favorite green pea recipes, tips, and ideas below to help you take advantage of this deliciously in season vegetable.

Green Peas Recipes, Tips, and Ideas

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