Maybe gifting ties for Father's Day is a little trite, but think of all the funny looks he'll get when, instead of paisleys or stripes, they're covered in lo mein, matzah, and Spam. Here are nine ways Dad can get food all over himself without feeling like a slob.

20090616-ties-pizza.jpgPizza: If he hearts pizza enough to have it repeated all over his chest... $35.95 on zazzle.com

20090616-ties-matzah.jpgMatzah: The bread of affliction, the neck accessory of joyfulness. $25 on jewishsource.com

20090616-ties-dessert-3.jpgDessert: If he has too many pink and red suits that need accessorizing, this black twill tie is full of maraschino cherries and what appears to be a strawberry shake. $14.95 on wildties.com

20090616-ties-sushi-3.jpgSushi: Do you wear a sushi tie at a sushi bar? Maybe this is a rock band's t-shirt at their concert situation. $34.95 at the Peabody Essex Museum shop

20090616-ties-burger.jpgBurgers: Getting ketchup on yourself is less frowned upon in this situation. $40.75 at zazzle.com

20090616-ties-banana-3.jpg Bananas: For the banana-eating, polka dot-appreciating father in your life (they've got to be out there somewhere). $15 at SugarLust on etsy.com

20090616-ties-egg-2.jpgEggs: This appliqued vinyl egg probably doesn't taste good with hash browns, but it sure looks hip. $15 at SugarLust on etsy.com

20090616-ties-chinese.jpgChinese Food: How often does your dad get to wrap lo mein around his neck?! Clearly not enough. $8 on absoluteties.com

20090616-ties-spam.jpgSpam: Because everybody loves to wear some sodium nitrites sitting on clouds. $26.99 on funnyties.com


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