Cevapi, the Best Ground Meat Product in the World

"Nobody takes a ground up cow and grills it better than the Bosnians," says food-loving blogger Dumneazu in his post about his trip to Sarajevo. Cevapi from the Bascarsija district is the ground meat dish of devotion, specifically from the restaurant Zeljo. He describes what you'll find if you eat at Zeljo:

Like most cevapdzinicas, the menu is spare and no beer is served, but you can order fresh sour buttermilk by the glass to wash down the meat, which is served in a spongey flat pocketed bread known as somun. Traditional sides are chopped fresh onion and kaymak, a thick and slightly cheesy cream ball that melts over the cevap. This is the classic Sarajevo cevap: a small cylinder of meat, a mere morsel of amino acids and proteins that was once a happy little animal and is now a masterpiece, a high point of world cuisine, the excelsior of the grilled arts.

If you're not going to visit Bosnia anytime soon, you can try to make cevapi at home.

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