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According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items across the Serious Eats family of sites this week were ...


1. A Primer to 'Star Trek' Food and Drink
Romulans are crazy drunks with a penchant for tart candy.

2. Healthy & Delicious: Avocado Chicken Salad
"That’s why, when I find a recipe like Mrs. Micah’s Avocado Chicken Salad, I’m quick to jump on it, lest the computer gods steal it away like so many accidentally unsaved grad school papers."

3. Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 65: 'Call Me Papacito'
"Papacito, you don't need relaxed-fit jeans. Have you lost weight or something?"

4. Why the Hate For Alice Waters?
The food world may have no more polarizing figure than Alice Waters.

5. Cook to Bang. Recipes to Get You Laid?
Wow. You all have dirty minds. Food-loving dirty minds—but dirty minds nonetheless.

6. Dinner Tonight: Lemon Chicken with Rice
"Rather than a traditional milk-only bechamel sauce, this recipe calls for chicken stock to make up to two-thirds of the liquid, which makes the sauce less gummy and thick and more soupy and rich. It's a bit of a gravy-and-bechamel hybrid."

7. Served: Already Nostalgic for My Awesome Job
"Graduating from college is all about change: being a real person, with a real job, who pays real bills. It’s kind of terrifying and kind of exciting."

8. Grilling: Stuffed Poblanos with Black Beans and Cheese
"Undercooked rice absorbs the excess moisture from the beans, sour cream, cotija cheese, tomatoes, and scallions, forming a cohesive filling when cooked that has a pleasing, creamy texture. The cheesy filling also has plays nicely with the fruity poblano, which loses what little heat it had during cooking."

9. The Real Emotions Behind the 2009 James Beard Foundation Awards
"Southerners root for Southerners, people root for their friends and acquaintances, and still others root because they really do genuinely love the restaurant or the chef that's been nominated. Nobody cares about every category and every nomination, but everybody cares about at least one award."

10. May is National BBQ Month: Who serves it up best?
OK, folks...May is National Barbecue Month...share with us where you enjoy eating BBQ in your neck of the woods, inner city or out...Where are the best versions found?

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