20090517-trek.jpgI finally got myself out to Star Trek yesterday afternoon. There were a few very brief food references in it, particularly a sandwich reference from Scotty/Simon Pegg. It's hidden after the jump—spoilers, you know?


Simon Pegg, as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, in the 2009 reboot of "Star Trek."

When Kirk first meets Scotty in the 2009 reboot, Scott's on the ice planet Delta Vega on a remote Federation base. Kirk is on Delta Vega after being jettisoned from the Enterprise by Spock for mutiny. Before Kirk gets to the Federation base, he meets up with ... SPOILER ... Future Spock (Leonard Nimoy) on the planet's surface.

They get to the base and meet Scotty, who's there as punishment for testing out one of his possibly groundbreaking matter-transportation theories on Admiral Archer's beagle.

Future Spock needs to get Kirk and Scott onto the Enterprise to complete the team so he tells Scotty that there's a way to beam matter aboard a starship cruising at warp. Scotty asks who came up with that, Spock tells him, You, eventually, and then this bit of dialog occurs (oh, one other detail, Scott is hungry because the rations at the base suck):

Scotty: What, are you from the future?
Kirk: [points to Future Spock] He is. I'm not.
Scotty: Well that's brilliant. Do they still have sandwiches there?


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