Romaniansalami.jpgI used to think Seasonal Affective Disorder was something psychologists made up so that crazy people felt better about themselves. But, it was a hard won winter in Chicago, and the blankets of snow and the razor chafe of Lake Michigan squalls took their toll on me.

But, just as I was to fall upon an icicle dagger, my good friend, Aamir, the hard drinking non-pork eating Muslim that he is, saved me with beef salami. He’d been telling me about Romanian Kosher for years. In fact we endured an hour of bumper to bumper traffic on surface streets on a Saturday drive to visit the place a few years ago, only to find it closed (Being the silly goy I am, I did not realize shabbas is for rest, and not charcuterie).

And so, I’d been without their tasty housemade wares for years, until last week when Aamir bestowed upon me a ruddy medium hard cured beefy log of salami. Busting it open and peeling back the casing, I was rewarded with a waft of garlic perfume. It had a beautiful density, nice white fat marbling, and a touch of spice. It was, frankly one of the best salamis I’ve had. It didn’t take long before I slathered up some toasted Lithuanian dark rye with Boetjes mustard and piled on some pink meaty salami slices. Crunching on the thing, the singer Jewel and her popular refrain “Who will save your soul?” popped in to my head. At that moment, Romanian Kosher Salami would.

Romanian Kosher Sausage Company

7200 N Clark Street, Chicago IL 60626 (map)


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