Chocolate You Breathe


Have you ever wanted some chocolate, but not wanted to deal with that whole chewing thing? Thankfully, someone designed a product for you. Called Le Whif, it is a miniature inhaler that sprays calorie-free chocolate into your mouth. Developed by David Edwards of Harvard, it supposedly fits into the progression of how we eat:

Over the centuries we've been eating smaller and smaller quantities at shorter and shorter intervals. It seemed to us that eating was tending toward breathing, so, with a mix of culinary art and aerosol science, we've helped move eating habits to their logical conclusion. We call it whiffing.

Le Whif is available in four flavors: mint chocolate, raspberry chocolate, mango chocolate, and plain chocolate.

What does spray chocolate taste like? Mark Wilson of Gizmodo weighs in with these words: "The sensation is akin to sucking a tiny bit of cocoa powder through a straw. And while not necessarily enjoyable in any way, it was admittedly a lot of chocolate flavor for only .8 calories a stick."