20070709h20.jpgAlmost a year ago, we told you about Millennium in San Francisco charging a buck per glass of water that's passed through a Natura filtration system. Well, they're still doing it, and as San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer points out on his blog Between Meals, there's something psychologically disturbing about knowing that buck went to self-righteous water. Plus, there are plenty of other restaurants that seem to be pouring it for free.

What's next, a rental fee for straws? It'd be nice if free tap was an option in addition to the filtered stuff. Or even if that dollar was stretched out across the bill so you didn't fixate on the "water" surcharge. But at the same time, Millennium is going on a year now with the same policy, so maybe the clientele is used to it. There was a time when paying for airline food seemed unheard of.

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