Butter is one of those things, like yogurt or peanut butter, that most of us would never think of making at home—until you try it and see how mindblowingly easy it is. As a kid, I was fascinated the first time I saw cream transformed into butter. And from that moment on, whenever we had a spare bit of whipping cream, I’d pop it into a Tupperware and shake it until butter grains formed on the lid.

Over at Cooking Up A Story, Heather Jones takes a slightly more methodical approach to making her own butter: beating cream in her Cuisinart, carefully rinsing the solids, and churning the clean butter with a potato masher. The result? After the final churn, it "developed the texture of whipped store-bought butter. It tasted so good I wanted to curl up on the sofa and eat it with a spoon right out of the ramekin."

Have you ever made your own butter? How did it turn out?


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