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Although pineapple is available year-round, that sweet and tangy ripe pineapple that we all love is at its prime from March to July. This fruit, native to the southern part of Brazil and Paraguay, made its way to the United States by way of Christopher Columbus, who found it on the island of Guadaloupe in 1493 and carried it back to Spain. The Spanish became quick fans and brought pineapple to the Philippines. Eventually, this herbacious perennial traveled all the way to Hawaii and Guam early in the sixteenth century. The pineapple reached England in 1660 and began to be grown in greenhouses for its fruit around 1720. Today, pineapples are second only to bananas as America's favorite tropical fruit.

Pineapples have extraordinary juiciness and a bold tropical flavor that balances the tastes of sweet and tart. Pineapples are made of many flowers whose individual fruitlets bond together around a central core. Each fruitlet can be identified by an "eye"--the rough spiny marking on the pineapple's surface. The area closer to the base of the fruit has a higher sugar content boasting a sweeter taste and more tender texture.

Pineapple is an extremely versatile fruit that is a standout in appetizers, entrées, desserts, and it can be used easily in both sweet and savory dishes. We have compiled some of our favorite pineapple recipes to inspire you in the kitchen with this deliciously season fruit.

Pineapple Recipes, Tips, and Ideas

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