Dunkin' Donuts' New Cinnamon Twists

Just Another Basket on the Donut Wall


Dunkin' Donuts Cinnamon Twists, advertised and actual.

When building out their menus, fast-food chains are better off sticking to what they know. Domino’s Pizza doing pasta? A little scary. McDonald’s making pizza? Kind of a joke.

But when Dunkin’ Donuts starts promoting a new breakfast pastry, it’s probably a safer bet. For a limited time, many DDs are offering icing-topped Cinnamon Twists ($1.39), which can be served toasted. It's slightly funny timing with spring heating up (and iced coffee weather creeping in) but cinnamon never really goes out of season.

About six inches long, the Cinnamon Twist looks like four little cinnamon rolls melded together, sparingly drizzled with sweet icing. If you like any of DD’s twisted pastries, you’ll be a fan—slightly denser doughnut dough, with a few streaks of cinnamon, and not enough icing to get in the way.

If you’re going to eat it right away, order it toasted, for a little bit of crunch and melty icing. The warmed-up version reminded me of those Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, the ones that pop out of the can, that I’d make on Sunday mornings as a kid.

Basically, the Cinnamon Twist is just another doughnut—not crunchy or yeasty the way “real” cinnamon rolls tend to be. While the spice winds through the pastry, there’s no satisfying cinnamon goo, and though icing dials up the sweetness, it doesn’t add much flavor of its own.

But as a cinnamon lover, I appreciate this addition to the menu. And I also like the idea of a fast-food cinnamon treat that doesn’t trigger a twelve-hour sugar high. Though it’s hardly a wholesome breakfast, the 210-calorie Cinnamon Twist is nowhere near the sugar bomb of an 1,100-calorie Cinnabon. Or even DD’s own muffins.

So if you’re looking to branch out of your normal Dunkin’ morning routine, give the Cinnamon Twist a try. You probably won't be disappointed. Like Dunkin’ Donuts itself, it’s nothing life-changing—but it’s there, it’s reliable, and it’s not half-bad.

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