Despite the fact that we are supposed to be in spring, the weather has been particularly winter-like in New York the last two days. I thought that a little spring cleaning might hasten in the season we have been waiting for so I cleaned out my fridge. I soon realized that I had no less than five varieties of mustard lurking in there.

As a condiment I don't think that there is one that is as diverse as mustard. Just in my fridge alone I have a Dijon variety from France that I use for vinaigrettes and coating roast lamb before cooking, a strong English mustard by Coleman that I serve with roast beef, and French's yellow for hamburgers. The latter works well for hot dogs as well, but I prefer to use Walter's Mustard (my favorite hot dog stand), which comes dotted with sweet relish.

Finally, I have a jar of the very strong mustard from Philippe's in Los Angeles, one of the places that claims to have invented the French dip sandwich. I seem to remember also having a jar of Gulden's brown mustard, but I guess that it I used it all and never missed it.

So tell me, serious eaters, what mustards do you use? Am I missing anything I should have in my fridge?


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