20090419-goldenbeets.jpgI caught some mostly good-natured flak when I fancifully gave President Obama a hard time for not allowing his wife to plant beets in the new White House garden. Now, according to Maureen Dowd's column in today's New York Times, Alice Waters also wants to introduce our President to the joys and pleasures of fresh beets simply prepared:

"I would like to serve him some golden beets sometime that were roasted in the oven, that were not overcooked, that were dressed with a lovely little vinaigrette, maybe even diced in a salad," she says in her seductive way. "Squeeze 'em with a little lime. It's fantastically nutritious."

And seriously delicious, I might add. Here's a recipe for the White House chefs to use, from Tabla chef-partner Floyd Cardoz via Dinner Tonight's Nick Kindelsberger.

Props to the Times copy editors for the headline on Dowd's column: "The Aura of Arugulance."

Photograph ŠiStockphoto.com/Suzifoo


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