The Los Angeles Times profiles four waiters who, among them, have provided more than 100 years of service to diners: Vladimir Bezak, Sergio Guerra, Pablo Zelaya, and Manny Felix (who "has a smile as big as an iceberg wedge").

They are the types who know you dropped a fork before you need to ask for another. They remember the hold-the-onions request without writing it down. They are a rare breed of "veteran career waiters," and even though they work at Southern California celebrity hangouts, "if you’re expecting any juicy stories, forget it—when pushed, they all fall back on the famous discretion of a great waiter.”

This was a feel-good piece, and a refreshing one, without a single mention of job loss or economic thunderstorm. It mentions the past but only the old-world charm, "always cordial but not obtrusive," that you can still find today.

Have you run across any maître d's and waiters out there worth spotlighting?

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