How to Make Perfect Croissants, from Foodbeam

In her latest post, French blogger Fanny of the sweets and pastry-centric blog foodbeam explains how to make perfect croissants accompanied by photographs that tortuously accentuate every golden, buttery layer.

Although I've never thought of seriously making my own croissants considering that the most advanced thing I can bake is a cupcake, Fanny's instructions almost make me believe I have the power to do so. "Making croissant can seem pretty daunting at first," she gently begins, "but once you’ll really pay attention to the different steps, you’ll realise it’s as easy as making pâte feuilletée." Oh yes, it's as easy as that...wait, I've never made pâte feuilletée before. (Of course, Fanny has clearly illustrated instructions for making puff pastry.)

But now I have a goal: to one day make croissants from scratch. I will picture Fanny's croissants in mind every step of the way.

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