Layne Mosler gets her rides and her food tips from the same place: her cabbies.

The Californian, who moved to Buenos Aires in 2005, is a writer for South American Explorer and Time Out Buenos Aires and started a blog called Taxi Gourmet in 2007. For each post, she randomly hops into a cab and lets the driver point her to locro (stew with hominy, peppers and meat parts), lechón (suckling pig), or chinchulín (cow intestines).

"I initially thought maybe I want to pick older guys or guys with a potbelly or guys who look like they know how to eat, but you never really know," she told the Washington Post.

A cab driver does have a pretty mystical quality, moonlighting as historian, concierge, political talking head, therapist, and food critic. This is a great concept.


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