If you're watching the Oscars, you've probably seen the Tom Colicchio Diet Coke commercial.

In it, Colicchio, restaurateur and Top Chef judge, rolls his eyes at tall food, at plates artfully dressed with sauces, and at shrimp and beets skewered on a complicated arrangement of wires. (Is that a comment on Alinea, Mr. Colicchio?)

Colicchio then orders a Diet Coke but waves off the fancily cut citrus arrangement that the bartender tries to slip in his glass.

It's a strange commercial, but I've got to give it props for advocating an ungarnished glass—it's just plain presumptuous on a restaurant's part to assume that everyone wants a slice of lemon with his or her Diet Coke. [The video, after the jump.]

'Tom Colicchio on Taste' Diet Coke Commercial


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