Ghirardelli Launches Milk Chocolate Line as Fancy as Dark Chocolate


Despite the dark chocolate snobbery that often rules the chocolate world, Ghirardelli is looking out for the shunned, stepped-on milk chocolate lovers. Understanding that the less sexy option still accounts for 80 percent of total chocolate sales in the U.S., the company recently launched a luxe milk chocolate line, and it's on another level than cheap Easter candy.

When Serious Eaters acquired a medley of the new flavors--regular milk, hazelnut, almond, crisped rice, and a milk/dark duet--the inner milk chocolate sympathizers in us came out. We all seemed to get so excited rooting for milk chocolate. "I like the way chocolate tastes when mixed with sugar and milk: sweet and creamy. This doesn't mean I like all milk chocolate, just that I would prefer a really good milk chocolate over a good dark chocolate. This falls in line with my general distaste for almost all things bitter though, including coffee and alcohol," said Robyn.

"Dark chocolate often tastes powerfully acidic to me, and is positively awful straight out of the fridge. Milk chocolate, on the other hand, melts so quickly on your tongue," added Michele. To me, milk chocolate was always the little kid choice and dark was for grown-ups. Only with age could you appreciate something will less sugar or milk, as with coffee or tea. But it's interesting to now see cacao percentages, nuanced ingredients, and classy packaging in a milk chocolate context.

Talk about a victory dance for the pro-milk chocolate community, and what better time to celebrate than Valentine's Day weekend.

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