20090112-drank.jpgThe New Yorker: "If you think of Red Bull, with its glorified but dubious ingredient, taurine, as in some ways emblematic of the housing boom, then here, perhaps, was something grounding to take a day trader's eye off the relentlessly correcting ticker. The canned version, which is billed as an 'anti-energy drink' and an 'extreme relaxation beverage,' will do nothing for your congestion; its active ingredients are melatonin, rose hips, and valerian root. (The homespun stuff works best with codeine and promethazine.) 'Eight ounces really puts you to sleep,' a publicist said. Each can contains sixteen ounces: a Rip Van Winkle special. It tastes like a faintly carbonated grape Kool-Aid, with hints of Dimetapp."

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