According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items on Serious Eats this week were ...


1. Store-Bought Chicken Stocks, Reviewed: Which Are the Best?
"If you could make a clear broth out of sour cream-and-onion Pringles, this is what it would taste like. I might lick the powder off my fingers, but I would not cook with this."

2. Chewing the Fat: Batali and Bourdain on the Poop Chute
Anthony Bourdain talks about some of the job hazards of shooting No Reservations, like eating "the last foot of poop chute of a wart hog," served medium-rare and "seven-foot long guinea worms."

3. Mixed Review: Lipton's Onion Dip and Simply Organic's Guacamole for Football Parties
With the Super Bowl coming up, I decided to tackle two of America's favorite football snacking staples in this week's Mixed Review: Lipton's French onion dip and Simply Organic's guacamole.

4. How Does the FDA Warning Against Peanut Butter Affect You?
"It's all over the front pages, the FDA is saying untill they know more, to stay away from all peanut butter, including in baked goods. How is this affecting you? ... I'm thinking seriously of just throwing it out and starting to make my own in the food processor. how about you?" [from Talk]

5. Dinner Tonight: Grandmother's Egg Salad (Sandwich)
"An egg salad can go from simple to sublime with attention to detail. I always make sure to chop all the celery finely and evenly, avoid overcooking the eggs so the yolks don't go green (they should be soft and custardy), use toasted white bread that's good and squishy, and make a quick batch of homemade mayonnaise. Together with good-quality ingredients, it all makes for a wonderful result." [from Recipes]

6. Eating Well and Cheaply: Any More Ideas Out There?
"Been chronicling efforts to only buy $30 worth of groceries a week for 2 people since October and just wondering if there are any other people out there doing things like this and what tips, if any, you all have?" [from Talk]

7. Serious Cheese: Bush's Legacy, Making Roquefort Almost Impossible to Buy
The Agence France-Presse is reporting that before leaving office, Bush has enacted legislation that will increase tariffs on France's beloved Roquefort cheese to 300 percent, an amount that would make purchasing it in the U.S. untenable.

8. Liberté Yogurt: My Holy Grail of Dairy Products
"Where Greek yogurt is thick, dense, and strained of whey, in some cases, almost to chalkiness, Liberté has a looser consistency. If Fage can be likened to heavy cream whipped to firm peaks, Liberté is whipped to soft; both are rich, but one is airier on the tongue."

9. All About the Inauguration Luncheon
After Barack Obama took the presidential oath of office on Tuesday, he went to Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol for a three-course luncheon: seafood stew followed by pheasant and duck (with sour cherry chutney and molasses sweet potatoes) and apple cinnamon sponge cake for dessert, each paired with a wine.

10. Pixelated Oven Mitts
Brazil-based designer Anderson Horta brings the virtual world into your kitchen with the Clicking Kitchen Grip, oven mitts made to look like pixelated hand cursors.

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