'Settlers of Catan' Board Game Inspires Hexagonal-Shaped Foods


From left: Pizza of Catan; Cupcakes of Catan; Gingerbread of Catan.

Settlers of Catan is a German board game where players must establish colonies on the island of Catan using natural resources such as ore, brick, and wheat. On a scale of one to Dungeons & Dragons, it's not totally nerdy, but pretty nerdy, and can take several hours. "Yeah, I usually just play other board games that don't take as long," said Adam Kuban when asked if he's gotten into Catan.

After playing most of a recent Saturday, I can understand why people would feel possessed to make foods inspired by the hexagonal-shaped board and hexagonal-shaped land-resource cards. The site BoardGameGeek introduces us to Pizza of Catan, Gingerbread of Catan, and Cupcakes of Catan. [via Offworld]

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