You might not live in Hong Kong, but surely you can relate to the joy of finding a charming little place that seems to have taken shelter from the winds of change:

Last weekend, I accidentally found this charming old cafe just beside the hideously renovated Western Market in Hong Kong's Sheung Wan district.... I bet such an old place should have a regular crowd of customers, where everybody knows each other's names, chit chats about the golden olden days of Hong Kong, the Brits, the economic crisis, their biggest mah jong win, the flat-chested girls/skinny boys they went after/who went after them.

Sliced beef noodles topped with fried egg (pictured) are a standout, says Mochachocolata-Rita.

Hoi On Cafe

17 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong (at Tung Loi Lane; map)


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