Build a Snack Food Stadium For Your Super Bowl Party


Holy Taco got much holier after creating the best snack food stadium ever with a field of guacamole, Slim Jim goal posts and a Twinkie-buttressed stadium. Is that our favorite shaggy-haired Steelers safety Troy Polamalu down there? Oh, nope. Just a Vienna sausage in a cheddar helmet. For security purposes, a bacon wall will keep the throngs of screaming fans—in this case tortilla chips—from falling onto the field. And hey, what do you know. A 20-ounce sausage Goodyear blimp just chilling (thanks, Photoshop!).

Total calories: 24,375.
Total cost: $86.47.
Total deliciousness: 1 Billion trillion dude. One billion trillion.

Sounds pretty priceless.

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