The Year That Was: Stop-Motion Food Videos

I thought we could get through all the thematic Year That Was posts yesterday, but we actually have MORE today. So here, for your daily video fix, another trend that had us food-lovers all agog in 2008—stop-motion food videos.


Stop-motion films are nothing new, but looking back in our video archives, we were surprised at just how many food-related herky-jerky shorts we blogged in 2008.

So, what does food do when you're not eating it? The magic of stop-motion animation showed us that chocolates hearts fall in love, chocolate bunnies fall in love, slabs of meat fall in love, cupcakes dance, and Cadbury Creme Eggs commit suicide. And sometimes the food did nothing so grand as get eaten by something else.


Some foodstuffs wanted to be cooked, such as these pancakes and these crepes. And then there was Western Spaghetti (nice reversal of spaghetti Western, heh), in which a spaghetti dish is made from nonedible ingredients (above).

In more story-based film-making, some folks re-created Gladiator with produce and others ingeniously illustrated major world conflicts using the foods of the combatants in question (above).


When all's said and done, we learned that there doesn't always have to be a story. Sometimes animated food just looks cool, like in this opening to Japanese anime series Honey and Clover, or these colorful gumdrops (above) set to a catchy song.

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