Continuing The Year That Was are our favorite photography stories from 2008.


Photograph by Graciepoo on Flickr

After renown New York City chef David Chang banned photography at his restaurant Momofuku Ko, we asked other chefs and restaurateurs what they thought about customer photography in their upscale restaurants. That set off some insightful reader debate whether foodie photographers should be allowed to shoot their dishes.

The banning of photography extended beyond restaurants—the famous Tsukiji market in Tokyo banned camera-toting tourists from visiting during the early morning market.

But don't feel deterred from whipping out your camera at a meal, as we learned that taking photos of food may help you lose weight.

We also learned that food porn is similar to real porn. (If your own food photos aren't food-porny enough, improve your camera skills with these ten food photography tips. )

And for some beautiful photography that isn't just close-ups of food, this gallery of a Waffle House wedding in Georgia was surprisingly moving, and Corey Arnold's fish-work photography was amazing.

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