Continuing The Year That Was with miscellaneous questions we asked in 2008. Looking back on it, it seemed that Ed originally had cornered the market on this type of blog post. But then something happened and Ed's style rubbed off on the rest us. Hmm, now how did that happen?


Food Preferences

Is vanilla ice cream with black specks better than vanilla ice cream without?
What do you call cola drinks?
Are you skeptical of molecular gastronomy?
What's your favorite Halloween candy?
What's the trick-or-treating age limit?
Who likes sweet potato fries?
Do you have a local grocery store that you've sworn undying loyalty to?

Dining Etiquette

Is it rude to eat on mass transit?
Who should pay at a birthday dinner?
Should women get special treatment at restaurants?
Should picky eaters fake food allergies?

Eating on a Budget

How can you live locally and sustainably on a budget?
Do you know how much you really spend on food?
Has the credit crunch affected what you eat?
How are you saving money at the grocery store while still eating seriously?

In the Kitchen

What are your favorite kitchen tools?
Why don't recipes include salt amounts?
Do you wash melons before you eat them?
What rice cooker should I buy to cook in?
In a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, should the jelly side be up or down?

Eating Out and Grocery Shopping

Are soul food restaurants dying all over the country?
Is Whole Foods becoming Costco with a side of Trader Joe's?
Do we really need organic potato chips?
Why isn't Chinese food hip?


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