Continuing The Year That Was with some of the more downer news of the year.


Food Shortages: Worldwide hops, butter in Japan, pork in Turkey, snails and oysters in France, water in European olive oil producing countries, bananas in Japan. Even Stephen Colbert and John Stewart weighed in on the global food crisis. The eight world leaders meeting for the G8 Summit in Hokkaido, Japan, scarfed a six-course lunch and then an eight-course dinner before discussing the world food shortage situation.

Rising Food Prices: Paul Krugman told us that rising energy prices was just one of the many factors contributing to rising food costs. The rising cost of popcorn made movie tickets more expensive. Cereal boxes shrank but prices did not. Some people responded to all the media coverage by stockpiling foodstuffs like rice and flour. Others stole restaurant grease to turn into barrels of bootleg biofuel.

Food Safety Scares: Salmonella in tomatoes and jalapenos, melamine-tainted dairy products from China, and mercury-rich fish.

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