20081118-uk-percypig-package.jpgThere is a strict rule in the Oxford University library prohibiting visitors or guests, but I did manage to sneak in one friend to keep me company on those long, dark, and grueling dissertation nights: Percy.

He was a little porky, with round pink cheeks, and an indelibly sunny personality to counteract the gray drizzle outside the library's windows and the absolute recurrent boredom of literary research. The fact that he was a gummy fruit-flavored candy did not in any way diminish my love for him. Percy Pigs are the Marks and Spencer cult answer to the Haribo gummy bear: adorable, yummy, and positively addictive. Just look at that face! It was love at first sight; until I bit his ear off. But even then he stuck by my side.

He was a true friend—nothing artificial about him, not even his colors or flavoring. Percy is grape with raspberry ears, but he also has several "pals": Sheep, who is orange with strawberry ears, and Cow, who is cola all over. We four maintained something of a book club throughout my masters. Sometimes, Percy would bring his girlfriend Penny Pig, who was his golden girl, and tasted of lemon cream. She didn't mind sharing him with me.

On the day of my Oxford graduation, I was happy as a pig in the mud. And I knew I owed it all to one person: the sugary, delicious, uplifting, and reliable Percy Pig.


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