Serious Eats Gift Guide: Toast-Related Accessories


If you love toast, you probably already have the "toaster" part down. This isn't a guide to buying a toaster—these are accessories and tools that a toast lover might enjoy, especially if you wrap it in pretty paper and give it to him or her. Some items have to do with the edible slices of bread; others just look like them.


20081210-toastguide-rack.jpgSilver Plated Toast Rack: Keep your toast from getting sweaty with this shiny toast rack, which holds six pieces of toast with adequate air circulation. The built-in tray keeps your table free of crumbs. $26 from Teapots N More

20081210-toastguide-crumbsweeper.jpgCrumb Sweeper: In case your toast rack fails to keep your table crumb-free, pick up those crumbs with this crumb sweeper. It's even good for non-toast crumbs. $4.99 from

20081210-toastguide-bags.jpgToast-It Bags: Besides that these reusable plastic bags let you heat sandwiches in your toaster without making a mess, they also allow people with celiac disease to toast their gluten-free bread in a shared toaster without risk of contamination from regular bread. 1/$6.25 or 5/$30 from Celinal Foods

Less Useful

20081210-toastguide-tictactoast.jpgTic Tac Toast: Use this to press a tic-tac-toe grid onto your toast and duke it out with peanut butter and jelly instead of Xs and Os. Works on all kinds of square, toast-able foods. You may also be interested in the Pirate Toast Stamper, Holy Toast, and I Love You" Toast Stamper. $4.50 from Archie Mcphee

20081210-toastguide-wallet.jpgButtered Toast Wallet: Some people like to carry their money in sophisticated style. For those who don't, get this wallet that looks like a piece of toast topped with a pat of butter. It holds bills and cards, but unfortunately no coins. Someone should make an accompanying jam coin purse. $15 from

20081210-toastguide-bandages.jpgToast Bandages: You'll want to fall off your bike just so you can cover you scraped knee with a toast bandage. Or just wear them to look stylish and garner attention. It even comes with a free toy! $9 from

Kind of Useless

20081210-toastguide-inflatable.jpgInflatable Toast: When you want the look at feel of toast without the crumbs, biodegradability, or edibility, just use inflatable toast. When would such an instance present itself? I have no idea. For the very special person in your life, there's also an inflatable toast mattress. Two for $6.50 from Archie McPhee

20081210-toastguide-mrtoast.jpgMr Toast Doll: Mr Toast is an adorable character from Dan Goodsell's comic, The World of Mr Toast. He also comes in a vinyl figure form, but the plush version is better because you can hug it. Look at his little nubs—he just wants to hug you! $6 from The Imaginary World

20081210-toastguide-butterbuddies.jpgButter Buddies Pin Pack: Okay, this is only vaguely toast related, but I didn't have a "Butter Gift Guide" so I'm plopping it in here. Pats of butter go well on toast; pins resembling happy pats of butter go well on shirts, bags, and all other pin-able surfaces. $5 from Shanlogic

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