Spoil your young foodie (or your inner child) with some of these kid oriented gifts.


20081212-baby-fruit-hat.jpgBaby fruit hat pattern: Keep your baby warm and tasty looking by capping him or her with a fruit top. And the best part, you can make it yourself while they are sleeping. $5.50 from nobelknits.com

20081218-plush-grapes.jpgOrganic Plush Grapes: Is baby teething? Start him or her on fruit and veggies early in life with these organic toys. $6.50 from amazon.com

Ages 2-3

20081218-peking-duck-t.jpgFoodie Tees: Cute and comical, these t-shirts make you giggle and your kid curious about the world cuisine that they are wearing. $20 from globalgoodie.com

20081219-magnet-burger.jpgBiofino Hamburger and French Fries: Magnetic burger and fries is just one of the tasty sets from Biofino. They also dish up pastries, pizza, a sandwich, ice cream and a grill. $15.25 from amazon.com

20081212-cupcake-sorter.jpgCupcake Sorter: Yes, we know you shouldn't teach toddlers to want cupcakes, but this is educational. $16.95 from Growing Tree Toys

20081218-pizza-toy.jpgPizza Party Toy: This pizza party toy is just the ticket to give your kid the sensation of eating pizza every night without actually doing it. Let him or her "serve dinner" and then sneak in the peas. $19.95 from geniusbabies.com

Ages 6+

20081219-felt-pancakes.jpgDo It Yourself Felt Food: There a tons of patterns for making felt food online. Or, you can pick up a handy book like Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted Projects. Create a whole army of felt doughnuts or veggies. $15.63 from amazon.com or readymade patterns for various prices from the UK

20081218-sushi-pillow.jpg Sushi Pillow: Cozy up to a slice of raw fish on rice. Whether or not your kid loves sushi, he or she should and this is just one way to bring the closer to it. And if anything, it's darn cute! $49 from spiralandcircle.com

20081212-fast-food-eraser.jpgFast Food Erasers: Heck, I kind of want to go back to school with this eraser set. Though they seem more fun to collect then to actually use. $6.95 from vat19.com


Serious Eats Gift Guide: Books For Young Foodies


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