We kick-off our annual Serious Eats Crazy Good Gift Guide run up to the holidays with our Stocking Stuffers series. Today, the $30 and Under edition.

20081124WSSpatula.jpgMonogrammed Silicone Spatulas: A cook can never have too many silicone spatulas, and these monogrammed sets will quickly stand out from the rest. Each set includes three sizes and can be emblazoned with 24 characters. $27.50 for a set of three personalized silicone spatulas, from Williams-Sonoma.

20081124pastrypress.jpgMechanical Pastry Bag and Cookie Press: If there is a cake decorator or macaron maker on your list, save them the mess, expense, and, at times, frustration of ordinary pastry bags. This metal canister comes with a variety of tips, and pumps the frosting or batter to the tip without falling over or spilling out. $24.95, from Amazon.com.

20081124Chestnutter.jpgChestnutter: If the earthy smell of chestnuts roasted on an open fire evokes hearth happiness in frigid temperatures, take the pain out of making them at home with this chestnutter, which slits them before boiling and roasting without any of the hassle. Possibly invented by squirrels, or would at least be much appreciated by one should one happen to be on your holiday list. $25.45, from Amazon.com.

20081124Glove.jpgCut Resistant Kitchen Glove: If you can't bear to watch your loved one whiz her lovely finger across a mandonline or microplane, rip a page from the Crusades and do them and yourself a favor by armoring her with this glove that guards against loss of body or blood. $24.95, from Amazon.com.


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