It's been a while since we have broached the subject of food tattoos. What better way to immortalize (well, for a time) your favorite dish, grandma's pie, or just a spicy idea? The bacon and egg tats above are from Dan, who plans on decorating his whole arm in a breakfast theme.

My bud Marleah got salt and pepper shakers on her hand and is waiting to get a slew of itsy bitsy fruits and veggies tattooed somewhere on her body. "I have a fruit and veggie collection," she wrote to me. "I really love them, shapes colors tastes!" Mmmm, just don't get caught licking your arm. I guess an image of a cupcake is undeniably classier than getting someone's name tattooed on your bum.

Food tats are also good at bringing people together. Check out the Flickr group Food Tattoos. The blog Eating Cleveland has also posted a list of its favorites.

If you were to get a food tattoo, what would you get?


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