Do you know someone who loves food so much he or she just wants to emblazon it all over his or her body? Here are nine non-messy ways to do just that. From food-themed t-shirts to jewelry, there's a wearable food for every budget.

20081210pancakes.jpg(Really) short stack: There are lots of charm-makers on Etsy, but what sets Danielle's food miniatures apart is their scent. Each stack of butter-topped pancakes, PB&J sandwich and Belgian waffle not only looks the part, but smells it. Fitted with sterling silver findings, they'll dangle enticingly from necklaces or charm bracelets alike. $15.50 at danzdzynes

20081210fugu_t.jpgYou better believe I eat...: Know an adventurous eater? Proclaim his or her culinary fearlessness for all the world to see, with t-shirts boasting of adventures in fugu, lutefisk, baluut, and many more death-defying foods. $19.99-29.99 at Homecooked

20081210mac_earrings.jpgFat-free mac and cheese: These darling earrings are the closest thing to diet-friendly mac and cheese. Handmade by Marisa Reisel, whose talents extend to chicken dinner earrings. $17 at The Whole Slice

20081210steak_tshirt.jpgStick to your ribs: This t-shirt, with felt appliqué T-bone, is a meat-lover's security blanket. Pet the soft steak during stressful situations such as dinner at a raw food or vegan restaurant. $35 at TrisHankDesigns

20081210bourbontags.jpgWhat's your poison? Fashioned from vintage liquor tags, Erica Weiner's handmade bracelet reads "Bourbon" on one-side and "Rye" on the other. Also available in gold. $80 at Erica Weiner Jewelry

20081210kiwi.jpgKiwi chic: While food jewelry often tends towards the twee, there's something very pop art about this striking kiwi brooch. I imagine it pinned on a little black dress, in the spirit of Schiaparelli's surrealist lobster gown. $7.99 at Cherry Dot

20081210beer_pretzels.jpgSomething for the gentleman: These hand-sculpted, polymer clay cufflinks are just the thing for the beerophile. The presentation is half the fun—the cufflinks ship in a tiny foam beer stein. $39.90 at SchickieMickie

20081210pearscarf.jpgPerfect pear: An ideal gift for the pear fanatic in your life. Twinkie Chan's pear scarves are crocheted by hand with loving detail. Hurry—supplies are very limited. $150 at Twinkie Chan

20081210ring.jpgRing pop 2.0: Tadaaki Wakamatsu's Chocolat de Rose Patisserie ring is a celebration of Japan's mania for French pastries. The wearer will be constantly fighting the urge to bite the piece right off her fingers. $75 at the MoMA Store


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