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When pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene in Danville, California, started eating exclusively organic, he didn't do it for health reasons. Instead, it was a social experiment. He wanted to know the practicality of sticking to an organic diet in modern America. Could a person eat exclusively organic? Apparently, yes. Three years later, Greene is still going strong, eating 100-percent organic.

His trials and tribulations—learning what's available where and when, weighing the price (and effort) disparities—were chronicled in a New York Times health column. Of course, his dramatic diet shift isn't for everyone, and I don't think Greene is trying to be preachy. He did this for himself, and anyone interested.

One thing he noted: he had to cut back on meat. But he says to treat it as a side instead of a main dish—in the same vein as our Meat Lite recipe series—to still afford the organic kind.

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