Jessi Klein Hates Foodies

Over on Tina Brown's Daily Beast website, comedian Jessi Klein goes off on foodies:

Let me be clear: I really love eating and I love food. I think anyone who knows how to cook anything is a genius, and I always appreciate the time and love that goes into a home-made meal. And I love going to restaurants. I love menus and forks and appetizers and the anticipation of desserts. But I hate that foodies feel like every meal has to have the same wow-factor as their birthday blowjob. I once tried to make dining plans with a foodie friend and it took over ninety minutes to agree on a place that met all of her qualifications for ambiance, cuisine, and service. You would have thought we were negotiating Israeli borders.

There's already some discussion going on about this in a Talk thread started by z911empire, which is where we first got wind of this blog post, so I'm going to close comments here and direct you there.

And, oh, did you know there's even a Wikipedia entry for the term foodie?

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