20081121chickenskin.jpgI'm one of those people for whom the annual white meat–dark meat debate is moot; I'm only really interested in the turkey's crisp, golden skin. If the makers of Howard's Crispy Fried Chicken Skins introduced a seasonal turkey skin product, I think they'd really be onto something. (Admittedly, I may be alone in thinking this.)

I can't promise that this is a regular feature of Howard's Bag-o-Gribenes, but mine contained an entire chicken wing, incinerated to a fine crackle. The smaller pieces were crunchy, salty, and less greasy than you might imagine, but left a lingering taste of old oil. They're probably best consumed with something palate-dulling, like lots of beer.

I never saw another bag at the Brooklyn deli where I bought the first one, or in any other store in New York, and the manufacturer has no website that I can find. Only a (withering) review on Taquitos.net convinces me that this wasn't some Twilight Zone snack encounter. Has anyone else tried, or liked, these?


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