What is the first thing you do when you get off the plane at Heathrow? If you are anything like me and usually opt for the red-eye, chances are you go straight to your hotel. If you are lucky enough to call that hotel Claridge's, leave your bags at the door, and stop in for a Rich Organic Dark Chocolate before dragging yourself to your room.

Claridge's serves, hands down, the most delicious, and most lovely, hot chocolate that I've ever experienced. And I say experienced because that is what it is, an experience—particularly English in its refinement, and particularly European in its quality. It arrives in Wonderland tea party-style, with whimsical mint-striped cups and pitchers, one filled with hot milk, the other with pure, perfect melted chocolate. Mix to your taste, and stir with the freshly toasted white and pale pink marshmallows alongside for the purpose.

Take a deep breath and a long sip. You've arrived.


49 Brook Street, London, W1 United Kingdom (map)
+44 20 74992210


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