Men's Fitness picked five American bars for the beer geek. In Washington D.C., they send you to Brickskeller, famous for having a binder with 1,000 different bottles divided by region. What they fail to mention: most often Brickskeller is out of at least half. Another option, at least if you like Belgian brews, is Brasserie Beck, which also has tasty beer-friendly foods (pork, cabbage confit, mussles).

In Brooklyn, they recommend Spuyten Duyvil. Under the same ownership, Spuyten Duyvil Grocery is a tiny shop crammed with imported beers that come with tales of the beer's origins, compliments of the shopkeepers.

The piece also lists favorite microbreweries, including Allagash in Maine, Firestone Walker in California, and Rogue in Oregon.


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